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Archive for February, 2008

Interview with Article Marketer Paul Schmitt

Paul SchmittIf you want to take article marketing to a whole new level you should listen to Paul Schmitt. Making over $10,000 by submitting a single article (with proof to back it up) Paul knows the ins and outs of marketing articles online for profit. Author of the ebook SuperNova Secrets Paul shares some of his history, experience, knowledge, and insight with me. Download the audio here now and listen to Paul share some of his article marketing secrets.

Here are links mentioned in the audio…

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Article Stars Newsletter

New HUGE Keyword Lists for your PPC Campaigns

We’ve spent hours compiling targeted lists of keywords that you can use in your PPC campaigns.

Here’s a list of all the categories and the amount of keywords each one has, just click a link to get the keywords…

You can also find all these keyword lists and more tools on our Marketing Tools page.

Dynamic TID Now Available for Custom Search Forms

If you’ve created a search form using our custom teaser search tool, you may have found you were limited to using only a single TID (ClickBank’s Tracking I.D.). Well, several affiliates mentioned they wanted to dynamic pass different tracking codes or variables to the TID to aid in their tracking. You requested it, we’ve added it. To utilize dynamic T.I.D. tracking in your search forms simply add the following code to your page…

<input name="cb_tid" type="hidden" value="TIDHERE" />

The value field is where you will place your dynamic code to generate your T.I.D.

Currently dynamic T.I.D. tracking is only available for person search, however we are working to make it work in phone and SSN searches as well.

If you have questions about this feature, ClickBank’s T.I.D. or anything else don’t hesitate to contact us and ask. :)