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Archive for March, 2008

Addressing the Google Slap

If you’re doing PPC chances are many of your keywords were penalized recently resulting in higher CPC, as much as $5 or $10 per click.  For those who don’t know this is called a Google Slap.  It’s a way for Google to weed out sites that don’t meet their criteria.  With the changes lately about their new link guidelines, you can read about them here, there is a bit of confusion.  However, according to their website Sub Domains are still fine…


The use of sub-domains and additional text within the display will continue to be acceptable, provided the top-level domain matches the URL of your landing page.

For example, the display URLs below would be acceptable for the landing page URL of, as the top-level domains match:


What this means to you is that our new website will pass their guidelines with flying colors, the state targeted subdomians created by our new Geo Targeting tool will work just fine in your Google PPC Campaigns!

So if you’re looking to try out a new site and want something that’s in line with what Google wants you may want to try promoting using it’s subdomain Geo Targeting capability.