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The Power of Tailored Advertising: Why Geo-targeting Should be in YOUR Affiliate Marketing Toolkit - by Lev.

The Power of Tailored Advertising: Why Geo-targeting Should be in YOUR Affiliate Marketing Toolkit

By Lev

As an affiliate marketer, your primary objective is to drive traffic to certain sites where visitors will hopefully make purchases that can be credited to you. If you’re an affiliate for a national or international enterprise, your marketing techniques can include broad campaigns and nonspecific advertisements. But what if you need to produce sales for a smaller, local business? Expert affiliates know: when your business calls for focused, direct marketing, geo-targeting is the solution.

What is Geo-targeting?

Geo-targeting is an Internet marketing technique that allows advertisers to target web users in a specific geographical location. This is accomplished primarily through the use of IP addresses.

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigns an IP, or Internet protocol, address to all electronic devices capable of communicating over the Internet. This includes any network device or router, computer, server, fax, printer, or telephone that is enabled to communicate on a global or localized network.

IP addresses are allocated in large sections to regional registries, which then disperse the addresses among local Internet service providers. Whenever an electronic device logs onto the Web, its IP address is recognized and tracked to a specific geographical location.

How Does Geo-targeting Work?

Assisted by IP-tracking software, geo-targeting search engines are able to identify the geographical location of a web user, and then use that information to display advertisements that would be relevant to an individual living in that location. For example, an individual enters “Italian food” into a search engine from his home computer in Chicago, Illinois. The IP address of the computer is recognized as a Chicago address. Based on this determination, the search engine displays advertisements for Italian food and restaurants in the Chicago region.

What are the Benefits of Using Geo-tracking?

Traditional PPC marketing is a solid investment for web-based businesses and national enterprises, but local affiliates lose money if they risk part of their budget on broad market advertising. Though intended to contact as many potential customers as possible, blanket marketing often misses the consumers who are most likely to make a purchase. Geo-targeting eliminates this risk by concentrating advertising dollars in the areas where they can be most effective.

How Do I Get Started?

If you are a ClickBank affiliate or publisher, you are probably already participating in an advertising program with one or more of the major search engines.

Google AdWords is the leader in PPC marketing, and a great place to begin your own geo-targeting campaign. When creating you PPC advertisements, you will be asked to include keywords. These are specific words that reflect the content and objective of your advertisement. When Web users enter those keywords into the search engine, the results they see will include relevant sites and advertisements, including your own.

You can target users in certain geographic locations by choosing location-specific keywords. Depending on your objective, your choices can be as general or restricted as you like. For best results, keywords should include:

  • State names (California hiking tours)
  • State abbreviations (TX real estate)
  • City names (Miami patent attorneys)
  • Zip codes (63301 marine supply)
  • Area codes (504 auto parts)
  • County names (Madison County public records search)
  • Neighborhoods (Lincoln Park contracting)
  • Regional lingo (Bay area health clubs)

Why Wait?

For ClickBank publishers and affiliates, geo-targeting is the most effective way to reach users in specific locations. Imagine the positive impact tailored advertising could have on your business. Are you an affiliate for a west coast-based wedding site? Geo-targeting allows you to advertise to engaged couples living in that part of the country looking for information about area venues and suppliers. Do you need to generate subscribers for a website that provides information about government auctions located in Philadelphia? Identified by their IP addresses, Philadelphia web users will see your advertisement when they search online for homes or cars that have been seized by the government or foreclosed by banks.

In some situations, less is more. That is certainly the case for some online marketers. If you are an affiliate or publisher focused on regional sales, replace an unnecessary quantity of advertising with high-impact geo-targeting. Implementing a geo -targeting plan, or modifying your current campaign, is simple and costs no more than conventional PPC marketing. The impact on your business, however, will astound you.

Lev is a successful ClickBank affiliate and publisher whose company has built on the concept of geo-targeting to create geo-specific landing pages.