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Congrats to the affiliates

Congrats to all those affiliates who are taking advantage of the 80% offering for the month of February for sales of

The boss says: “Wow, let’s do this for March too!”

Send traffic for “reverse phone numbers”, “reverse cell phone numbers” phone searches, and hundreds of related keywords.

Take advantage of the 4 new templates at: Reversemobile’s dedicated affiliate page.

So, there you have it guys and gals.  Keep those campaigns going and continue to earn those high commission rates.  It is really exciting to see you all climbing the “sales” chart.

By removing an “extra” step in the order process - something all the experts recommend - we’ve learned that conversions increase dramatically and affiliates love the increased sales and ROI.

For questions or additional information or help, you can always contact me and I’ll be happy to help.

Have a great week!