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Commission Increase to 75% for

We are excited to announce an Explosive Recession-buster commission Increase from 65% to 75% for our top performing product.

Yes, effective immediately, you’ll earn 75% commission on all sales!

Join the March top performers:

#1- 5,410 sales

#2- 1,321 sales

#3 -1,103 sales

#4 -  807 sales

#5 -  775 sales continues to be the top-converting product in the Professional Cash line-up and we want affiliates to make as much money as possible during these tough times.  With over 30 searchable categories, can be promoted successfully via thousands of related and relative keywords and keyword phrases in PPC and SEO campaigns.  Recent improvements to both the text and “Teaser Search Box” have given conversions and quality scores a terrific boost - as high as 1:40!

Start your campaign today and join our top affiliates to win:

  • Great Conversions
  • Low Returns-continuous data updates
  • 30 Top Search categories
  • Customized Volume Bonus structure
  • All legal searches - no illegal claims

If you have any questions, or need further assistance, contact Pam White, Affiliate Manager.

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